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07_6_Club Activities

At Kumamoto University, there are various athletic and cultural clubs officially recognized by the university.
Approximately 970 students and 1,190 students belong to athletic clubs and cultural clubs, respectively. In addition,
approximately 300 students participate in the Sigma Festival Executive Committee.
They are energetically engaged in their club activities. There are also clubs unique to individual faculties.
Please note that although the Kumamoto University Newspaper is published by Kumamoto University Press,
a club officially recognized by the university,
the Kumamoto University Student Newspaper, named similarly, is not issued by an officially recognized club.

Groups that wish to be linked from this website are required to submit an application to the Student Support Team of the Academic Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department.

* Clubs that survive regional eliminations and participate in a national competition held outside Kumamoto Prefecture can receive a subsidy for trip expenses.

Guidelines for Support for Extracurricular Activitieshave been created.

Officially recognized athletic clubs: 43 clubs

Aikido Club
Ice Hockey Club
・Archery Club
American Football Team
・Karate Club
Japanese Archery Club
・Kendo Club
・Aviation Club
・Regulation-ball Tennis Club
・Old Japanese Martial Arts Club
・Soccer Club
・Automobile Club
・Judo Club
Semi-regulation Baseball Club
Shorinji Kempo Club
・Swimming Club
Rowing Club
Softball Tennis Club
Gymnastics & R.G. Club
Diving Club
Table Tennis Club
・Water Polo Club
・Equestrian Club
Men’s Basketball Team
・Women’s Basketball Team
・Badminton Club
Men’s Volleyball Club
Women’s Volleyball Club
・Men’s Handball Club
・Women’s Handball Club
Fencing Club
Folk Dance Club
Ballroom Dance Club
・Boxing Club
Regulation Baseball Club
Yacht Club
・Rugby Football Club
・Athletic Sports Club
・Field Hockey Club
・Mountain Trekking Club
Wind Orchestra Club
Cheerleading Club
・Taekwondo Club
Athletic Club Headquarters
Officially recognized cultural clubs: 37 clubs

Classic Guitar Club
・Flower Arrangement Club
Mandolin Club
Philharmonic Orchestra
・Japanese Music Club
Cycling Club
・English Conversation Club
・Goyo-kai (Tea ceremony)
・Folk Song Club
Kumamoto University Press
・Youth Hostel Club
Aoi Tori (blue bird) (puppet play)
・Rock Club
Photography Club
・Modern Jazz Club
・Movie Club
Exploration Club
・Braille Translation Club “Wakai Me (young sprout)”
Shogi Club
Calligraphy Club
Art Club
・Literature Club
Drama Club
IUJ-K Club (PC)
・Reclub (Recycling)
・Djembe KAN (African folk music)
C3 (Cross Cultural Communication Club)
Konpeito (Cartoon Club)
・Leo Club (Volunteer)
・The 7th Interchange (Drama)
・Astronomy Club
Broadcast Club
・Mahjong Club
・Higo-Pella (A Capella)
・Acoustic Club
・Quiz Club
Sigma Festival Executive Committee: 1 group

Sigma Festival Executive Committee

Extracurricular Support Section, Student Support Team, Academic Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department

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