Kumamoto University
The Memorial Museum of the Fifth High School

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Overview of the museum

Kumamoto University, 2-40-1 Kurokami, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto, 860-8555 JAPAN
Dimensions - Main Building 1,806 m2 (two stories);
Chemistry Laboratory 419 m2 (single storey)
Construction - Red brick masonry

Introduction to the museum

The redbrick structure that is the main building of the Fifth High School was completed in 1889, and for over 100 years since, it has endured the wind and snow and maintained its elegant appearance. Still cherished by many as the symbol of the Fifth High School, and after 1949 as that of Kumamoto University, the main hall was opened to the public in 1993 as "The Kumamoto University Memorial Museum of the Fifth High School."

The school's faculty includes many great teachers. Natsume Soseki, one of the greatest novelists in Japan, taught in this school. It also produced numerous talented people who went on to succeed in various areas of society such as former Prime ministers Hayato Ikeda and Eisaku Sato. Take a trip back in time and experience what student life was like at the Fifth High School.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; last entry at 3:30 p.m.
Days Closed: Every Tuesday, Year-end, New Year holidays, and other
official holidays
Open on all national holidays from March to November
Open on national holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday from December to February The museum may also be closed on special occasions such as Kumamoto University functions
Entrance: Free of Charge
General Information If you require the use of a wheelchair, please contact the museum staff in advance.
Please enquire before planning group field trips.
Parking Please contact the Museum staff regarding any other inquiry.

Please contact the Museum staff regarding any other inquiry.


  • History of High School System Before 1949
  • Timeline
  • Prominent Professors
  • Prominent Alumni
  • The Fifth High School Structures