Kumamoto University
The Memorial Museum of the Fifth High School

Important Points when Visiting

The Kumamoto University Fifth High School Memorial Museum has been designated as important national cultural property. The items on display are valuable historical documents and artifacts, as well as a part of our cultural heritage. To maintain these in the best possible condition to be enjoyed by future generations, we request all visitors to comply with the following guidelines:

  • -Those of junior high school age or younger will not be admitted without adult supervision.
  • -Wearing shoes inside the museum is prohibited. Please put on slippers before entering the building.
  • -Smoking, food, or beverages are not allowed within the museum.
  • -Please do not touch the exhibits.
  • -The use of fire is prohibited within 20 m of the museum.
  • -Please maintain silence while appreciating the exhibits.


  • History of High School System Before 1949
  • Timeline
  • Prominent Professors
  • Prominent Alumni
  • The Fifth High School Structures