Prospective Students

Kumamoto University is a leader in innovation and discovery. We are home to great students, great faculty, and great programs, and many of the best and brightest minds of the world are part of the University and its 250 years of history.
The University boasts one of the most beautiful and historic campuses in Japan. We have 10,000 students studying at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and approximately 470 international students from 47 countries are currently studying at Kumamoto University. We offer a high-quality, safe, and fun student life, with all of the resources and services that you need to succeed. Not only do we offer some of Japan's top academic programs, we offer a great campus life in a major city with many attractions.
Japanese higher education institutions are widely recognized as centers of excellence in many disciplines. Not surprisingly, Japan is an increasingly popular destination for students and researchers from around the world who wish to take advantage of the high education standard and share in a unique cultural experience. In addition, Japan is renowned worldwide for its friendliness and welcome to visitors. These values are as prevalent in Japanese society today as ever, and you can be sure that an integral part of the "Kumamoto experience" will be the welcome you will receive.