Faculty of Humanities And Social Sciences

Following the establishment of the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology, which arose from the process of a stricter selection focusing on research fields in the graduate school, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was established on April 1, 2017 by reorganizing the Faculty of Letters, the Faculty of Law, the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences, and the School of Law.
The establishment of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences means that university teaching staff are effectively allocated among the three fields of life sciences, natural sciences and human/social sciences. This realignment makes it possible to work through the rapid population decline among youth and to meet the growing needs of globalization. It also makes it possible to readjust education programs more flexibly, thereby ensuring a quality academic education.
The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to contribute academically with practical relevance to communi-ty vitalization, to construct a research hub for human and social science studies in order to actively produce worldwide scholarly achievements, and to promote global level research through active collaboration among members of the human/social science and legal fields. In human science fields such as psychology, history and sociology in particular, the Faculty also intends to augment relationships and cooperation with overseas colleges and universities and bring about greater research achievements internationally, thereby shifting conventional academic culture studies to a more invigorating course infused with international cooperation.
The Faculty is also contributing to the field of conflict resolution by consolidating the research resources of humanities, law and policy in order to establish a solid foundation of international standards in research, and to develop practical areas of research that will be able to respond to the various demands of society.


International Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences

The International Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) was established in 2020 as a project based research organization affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities and Social.
Sciences for the global and local promotion of research activities in selected fields where ongoing research by the faculty members has had significant achievement and deserves international recognition. The initial two projects of the Center are New Approaches to Theories and Methods of Historical Document and Artifact Analysis and Research Resource Archives for Interdisciplinary Studies.