Vision and Goals

“Forest of Creative Power, Blaze of Challenging Spirit”

Kumamoto University (KU), a globally active research university with roots in local communities, has adopted a motto that symbolizes the university's unique attributes and expresses its essential quality: "KU Spirit."


Kumamoto University aims to contribute to the community and global society by cultivating intelligent, moral, and skillful people, while working for the creation, inheritance, and development of knowledge, following the spirit of the Fundamental Law of Education and the School Education Law.



In order to cultivate unique, creative people, the university provides a comprehensive education based on a consistent philosophy followed by all of our undergraduate departments and graduate schools.

Our undergraduate departments, with the help of a broad education, inculcate in students the abilities of international communication, adapting to the information age, and thinking and acting independently.

Our graduate schools cultivate highly specialized workers with comprehensive reasoning ability, technical knowledge, and internationally recognized skills, in addition to deep insight into humankind and nature, on the basis of the undergraduate education that our student receive.

As an institution that is open to the public, the university offers a place where people can engage in lifelong learning.


The university strives to protect and develop humankind's cultural heritage, while enhancing its capabilities to function as a center of advanced academic research and proactively promote cutting-edge, creative academic research.

In addition, by making use of its unique features, comprehensively deepening knowledge in the fields of human science, social science, and natural science, as well as promoting interdisciplinary research, Kumamoto University is working to contribute to the harmonious coexistence of humans and the environment, as well as sustainable societal development.

Contributions to local and global communities

As a university located in a regional hub city, the university will strengthen its cooperation with the local community and serve the functions of being a central research facility and cultivating leaders in the local community. By striving to convey our academic culture to the world, the university will contribute to the promotion of local industry and to advancing the provision of information about the culture.

In addition, the university strives to promote international intellectual exchange, educate international students, and train graduate students capable of producing a bilateral international exchange.

Kumamoto University's Pledge (KU4U) Kumamoto University For You

As an open university with a pleasant atmosphere, we are focused on the following four areas:

Upgrade Unique Union Universal
Cultivating professionals who can adapt to the future world Creating new intellectual values Forming regional alliances and contributing to society Educating exchange students and contributing to the international community