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Kumamoto University's Environmental Philosophy and Policy

(ⅰ) Environmental Philosophy

Located at a site blessed with beautiful natural surroundings that include the verdant greenery and clear springs of Aso, the deep blue seas of Amakusa, and completely supplied with groundwater, Kumamoto University recognizes that environmental conservation and the development of a sustainable, recycling-based society is a major issue facing the region and the entire human race. Therefore, the university develops many different educational and research activities, makes great efforts toward environmental conservation, sends people capable of pioneering a sustainable society out into the world, and actively works toward long-lasting environmental improvement and the realization of an "eco campus" that gives environment due consideration through the cooperation of instructors/staff members and students.

(ⅱ) Environmental Policy

  • 1. The constant practice of promoting advanced environmental studies and research in the field of environmental studies leveraging the distinctive features that the university can offer.
  • 2. To make great efforts in the promotion of strategies for preventing global warming, reduced dependence upon fossil fuels for energy use, reduce production of waste materials, safe management of chemicals, environmental pollution precautions, encouragement of green initiatives, and increased recycling of resources in education, research, and all the other university activities and operations.
  • 3. To set environmental objectives and work together with instructors/staff members, students, and members of organizations operating on the Kumamoto University campus to comply with environmental laws, ordinances, and campus regulations, as well as promote environmental conservation endeavors.
  • 4. To develop an environmental management system, as well as conduct regular reviews and monitor continual improvement of the system through environmental audits.
  • 5. To actively promote awareness and increased activity amongst the local community and general population based on the findings of environmental studies.

These policies are distributed in hard copies and made common knowledge amongst all Kumamoto University instructors/staff members, students, and organizations. These policies are also disclosed to the public via other print media and the university's homepage on the Internet.


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