Kumamoto University
Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences

Course Introductions

Master's Course

Majors Courses
Public Policy Studies Public Policy Specialist Course
Policy Research Course
Jurisprudence Legal Profession Course
Legal Research Course
Modern Social Human Studies Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Organization Management Course
East Asian Business Communication Course
Advanced Ethics Research Courses
Field Research Course
Psychology/Cognitive Philosophy Research Course
Cultural Sciences Cultural Administration & Curators Course
Japanese Language Teaching for High School Course
English Language Course
History Research Course
Japanese & East Asian Cultures' Research Course
Western Cultures Research Course
Instructional Systems  

Doctoral Course

Majors Courses
Human and Social Sciences Public Policy Studies
Legal Studies
Negotiation Conflict Resolution & Administration
Advanced Ethics
Field Research
Psychology/Cognitive Philosophy
Cultural Sciences English Education Studies
History Studies
Japanese & East Asian Cultures Studies
Western Cultures Studies
Instructional Systems  


  • Graduate School Overview
  • Course Introductions
  • Information on Entrance Examinations