Kumamoto University
Eisei-Bunko Research Center

Management Structure

(1) Staff Arrangement

To ensure that planning for projects progresses, our center maintains the following management structure that includes a core staff of full and part-time instructors from the Faculty of Letters along with academic researchers and research supporters who are expected to be hired using donations from the Kumamoto Eisei Bunko Permanent Display Promotion Fund.

Director 1
Assistant Director 1 (also works with full-time teaching staff at the center)
Full-time Instructors 1
Part-time Instructors 2
Specially Appointed Instructors
(Part-time Researchers)
Part-time Researchers/Research Assistants Several (academic experts or curators from the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art)
Research Supporters(Workers) Several
Clerical Assistant 1

(2) Meetings

1 The EISEI-BUNKO Research Center Administrative Committee (on-campus)

The EISEI-BUNKO Research Center Administrative Committee was formed to deliberate matters regarding the center's budget, personnel, and operations.

  • • Director
  • • Full-time Instructors
  • • The Dean of the Faculty of Letters
  • • The Dean of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences
  • • Director of the University Library
  • • Instructors from the Faculty of Letters or Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences chosen from the fields of Japanese history or literature and historical studies

2 The EISEI-BUNKO Fund Administrative Committee (off-campus)

Managed by the Kumamoto Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs as a body that assesses and watches over investigations, research, enactment of project policies, and general work progress relating to Eisei Bunko, "The EISEI-BUNKO Fund Administrative Committee" evaluates the research and education aspects of the center.

  • • Chairman (Executive Director of Eisei Bunko)
  • • Acting Chairperson – Head Curator of the Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum/Dean of the Kumamoto University Faculty of Letters
  • • Director of the EISEI-BUNKO Research Center
  • • Kumamoto University Professors Emeritus – 2
  • • Cultural Affairs Agency Fine Arts Division (Administrator in charge of Art and Ancient Literature)


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