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School of Law

The School of Law was established in April 2004 for the purpose of training students to become legal professionals who will be active in the 21st century, and who will have the ability to respond to the special legal needs of local communities and to solve various global legal problems. A total of 22 students (including a few students in the shortened two-year course) are accepted into the program each year. The full-time teaching staff of 18 people comprises 4 practitioner-teachers, including a public prosecutor and practicing lawyers. The School of Law emphasizes the fostering of legal professionals with a process that focuses on education of the law in association with the national bar examination and legal apprenticeships. Classes are separated into four broad categories, which are the fundamentals of theoretical law, fundamentals of practical law, classes adjoined with the fundamentals of the law, and developing and current subjects. The School of Law’s program uses a simulated and systematic education that provides its students with a practical grounding that links together legal theory and legal practice – a distinctive education that can meet the needs of a new legal era.

Clinical Legal Education and Research Center (the Law Center) was established in September 2006 with the purpose of providing education and research that specializes in legal practice.

(Notice: the School of Law is no longer accepting applicants.)

URL: http://www.law.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/
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