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Kumamoto University’s job-hunting support

 (for Japanese students and international students wishing to find employment at Japanese companies)(in Japanese only)

Kumamoto University job-hunting navigation, KUMA★NAVI

KUMA★NAVI provides comprehensive job-hunting support for students of Kumamoto University.
This is a registry-based website for job-hunting support and is available only for students of Kumamoto University.
On this website, you can not only easily apply for on-campus job-hunting support events (guidance sessions and seminars) and reserve career counseling appointments (academic and career guidance), but also search and check job information provided to Kumamoto University.
If you use the mobile version, which is perfectly compatible with the PC version, you can make job-hunting efforts even more effectively.

Industry research seminars

Thanks to the cooperation of leading Japanese companies, you can learn about the details of industry trends, corporate efforts, jobs, etc.
These seminars are available not only for students in the third year of undergraduate courses and the first year of master’s courses, but also students in all the other years, serving as good opportunities for even lower-year students to learn the latest business information.
Link (https://www.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/daigakuseikatsu/careersupport/shiennaiyou/3kaisei/kigyoukoumuin)

On-campus company & government office information sessions

You can participate in excellent companies’ information sessions on campus. Approximately 180 companies (including government offices) hold information sessions at Kumamoto University, mainly in March. These sessions are highly valued by students as opportunities to have communication effectively with excellent companies willing to employ students of Kumamoto University and operating in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyushu, Kumamoto, etc.
Link (https://www.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/daigakuseikatsu/careersupport/shiennaiyou/3kaisei/kigyoukoumuin)

Job-hunting preparation seminar

Targeted at students of the third year in undergraduate courses and the first year in master’s courses, this is a comprehensive program to support students’ job hunting, covering “basic preparation for starting job-hunting,” “self-analysis and self-understanding,” “entry sheet strategy,” and “how to behave in interviews.”
In this program, participants strive to complete the preparation for their job-hunting when completing this program.
Link (https://www.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/daigakuseikatsu/careersupport/shiennaiyou/3kaisei/index)

Mock interview seminar

This seminar includes an explanation of basic etiquette, followed by one-on-one mock interviews conducted with participants in turn. While one participant tries a mock interview, the other participants observe it.
To succeed in real interviews, you need to make sufficient preparation (i.e. accumulating interview experience in advance). If you attend the seminar and learn your strong points or discover problems to be solved, you will be able to calmly show what you really are in real interviews!
Link (https://www.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/daigakuseikatsu/careersupport/shiennaiyou/3kaisei/mensetu)
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